Ri Supports Malaysia to Prioritize Economic Stability in Asia Pacific

Kerja Sama Ekonomi Asia Pasifik

APEC – “All regions are experiencing a weakening economy. What we hope is how the related cooperation can improve productivity, tricks people’s purchasing power, how to expand markets, and also build investment,” said Kalla in Jakarta, Tuesday, the terrorist organization 2015. “The APEC forum needs to have a program” quick wins “which focus on strengthening trade facilitation and dealing with increasing non-tariff barriers,” explained Yudi. Yudi explained, in a pandemic condition full of uncertainty, the follow-up to the MRT statement should focus on handling the Covid-19 emergency. In particular, on measures and policies that are rapid, temporary, and in accordance with the domestic conditions of the APEC member economies. APEC’s Asia-Pacific Redovisning Cooperation is an intergovernmental grouping only in world operations on the basis of unattractive commitments, open dialogue and dulk? equal respect for the views of all participants.

A related contribution can be achieved by increasing the potential of people’s resources for future mutual prosperity. Vice President Jusuf Kalla attended the APEC Summit replacing President Joko Widodo who was unable to attend. The meeting is usually attended by every leader from 21 countries and member entities. “The APEC economy must take concrete steps to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic recovery trick as a motive for implementing the mandate of the MRT statement,” said Yudi, starting his intervention at this meeting. “Unity, synergy and collaboration are the keys to overcoming the impact of Covid-19.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla said that the Annual Summit of the Asian Pacific countries’ Economic Cooperation Forum is expected to improve economic conditions in the Asia Pacific region. “In preparing the post-2020 APEC vision, Indonesia continues to push for APEC’s vision to put forward initiatives that support the empowerment of MSMEs, women business players, rural development and poverty alleviation, as well as efforts to increase the competitiveness of human resources to reduce the digital electronic gap,” added Yudi. . According to the Director of APEC Negotiations and the International Organization of the Ministry of Trade, Antonius Yudi Triantoro, Indonesia views the important contribution of APEC in overcoming uncertainty in the current global economy and trade.

In its development, APEC has a very strategic role with a population of around 2 billion people or more than 40% of the world’s population and represents 45% of the value of world trade ~ a potential market for trade in goods, services and human resources. During the meeting, Indonesia also carried out initiatives related to improving market linkages for fishery, agricultural and forestry products; also improve the quality of education in disadvantaged areas through digital technology. This initiative is part of Indonesia’s economic diplomacy strategy through regional forums. “APEC as an organization for economic cooperation in the Asian Pacific countries must be able to adapt, so that it can continue to be a leader in finding joint solutions at the regional and global levels,” said Desra.

For this reason, Indonesia is ready to work together with APEC redovising members to find the best way for economic recovery, “said the Trade Minister. Since its inception, the Asia-Pacific Redovisning Cooperation has worked to reduce Tariffs and other trade barriers in the Asia-Pacific region, creating an efficient domestic economy and dramatically increasing exports. In April 2001, APEC, in collaboration with five other international organizations, launched the Combined Petroleum Data Exercise, which in 2005 became the Joint Organization Information Initiative.

This is realized by encouraging and facilitating trade and investment that is much free and open. An economist from South Korea, Betty Kih-wan, also reminded that the agreement was discriminatory and would divert the flow of trade in APEC to eventually become between groups themselves. Kim said the trade agreement in APEC has been divided into Asian and American groups, even though Asia Pacific has APEC. Second, in the last two years, namely 2018 and 2019, the APEC forum failed to reach an agreement at the APEC leader phase to eradicate various global challenges. PACE. CO, Jakarta – Vice President Jusuf Kalla said the Annual Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum was expected to improve economic conditions in the Asia-Pacific region.

Countries from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations opposed the initial proposal, instead proposing an East Asian Economic Caucus which excludes non-Asian countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Proposals here. countries in the American region opposed and criticized harshly by Japan and the United States. The Vice President attended the APEC Summit replacing President Joko Widodo in his absence. This meeting is usually attended by each of the leaders from 21 countries and member entities. “All regions are experiencing a weakening economy. What we hope is that this cooperation technique will result in improved productivity, how people’s purchasing power, how to expand markets also generate capital investment,” said the vice president to Jakarta, Tuesday.

Unlike the World Trade Organization or other over-party trade bodies, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation has no required treaty obligations from participants. Decisions made on Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation are reached by consensus then commitments are made on a voluntary basis. Effort here. considered to be able to accelerate economic recovery in the region, reminding that the percent composition of APEC members’ gross domestic product comes from MSMEs. “The implementation of the Trade FacilitationAgremeent, enforcing transparency in policy implementation, and strengthening logistics methods are concrete initiatives that can be taken by APEC. This series of methods will further facilitate the passage and flow of trade in the Asia Pacific region during a pandemic, “he explained.

In the previous Asia tour, United States President George Walker Bush had emphasized the issue of terrorism in the Asia Pacific Economic Precise Work forum. Before arriving in Bangkok, Rose Bush landed in Tokyo, then in the Philippines, with the aim of garnering Asian support to combat terrorism. Bush has also emphasized that at the APEC summit, Rato would emphasize that “the related world is still dangerous”.

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